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A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hoseini

I’ve just read “A Thousand Splendid Suns” and I’m still reeling from the ignorance, false pride and abuse of power that seems to be rampant in our world, and not only in Afghanistan, I hasten to add, but at the … Continue reading

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Surfing Google’s new Wave

Well, it’s been quite a stressful three days since Wednesday, here at the “chalk-free face”, organising an exam session for next week, in which roughly one and a half thousand university students will be taking their English exams at the … Continue reading

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Dealing with exams stress

If you’re about to do exams or in the middle of them or if your students are, they might like this site made by British students with all kinds of posts on it.

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Great Teacher training videos on using Glogster

If you want to know how to make interactiveposters that link to each other like a sort of site, Russell Stannard’s teacher training videos are very useful. Check them out here He takes you through it step by step, showing … Continue reading

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Life at the university

I’m not exactly anti coursebook, in fact, I’m always very hopeful when a new one comes out. Maybe this will be the exciting new course that is perfect for my learners? This, however, is almost always impossible. To be fair … Continue reading

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Using art in the classroom… and passing exams too.

Well, it’s Saturday afternoon, after rather a stressful week of exams, exams, and, well, yes… more exams. This, I suppose is the joy of the university world, so it made me smile to see Jamie Keddie’s work on using art … Continue reading

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My Teaching Self: reflections from an examination room.

Dörnyei and Ushioda have done wonderful work on motivation and the way we see ourselves, and that is what comes to mind as I watch my students sweat their way through exams and wonder what I’m doing here. My ideal … Continue reading

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Of Call,tall and wall: weaving the web as we go

We love acronyms, don’t we? First there was the Call or, some may consider it the lure, of Computer assisted language learning (CALL) and this then morphed into technology assisted language learning (TALL) definitely a tall order for some who looked … Continue reading

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Keeping the essence in sight

Today is my birthday, which is always a good day to sit down and take stock. So, I decided to return to my teaching journal, a place I haven’t been to since just before Christmas, when I was focusing on … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to English Learning in Our World Welcome to this new PLN. PLN is a term I only came across myself quite recently and it means Personal Learning Network. It is, I think , a great idea as it refers to … Continue reading

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