Why I love summer courses

Bolzano Summer Course 2010

When I mentioned to people, mainly colleagues, that I was going to spend most of August in Bolzano doing an intensive summer course, I got various reactions but none of them enthusiastic. They ranged from the wrinkled nose and disapproving look to the shriek of horror: “What? Working in August?”
Well, actually yes, but I have to add that I’m in a new city, renting a lovely apartment, which is a five minute walk from the university and I am only working mornings (4 hour lessons). This leaves me with enough time to explore in the afternoons, which is a holiday in itself for me, to go to the spectacular “lido” or outdoor pool, which is almost like swimming in a mountain lake. I say almost because you are in the centre of the city, but from the pool you can see mountains on all sides and the fun hydro-massage (Can you say that in English?) jets etc. just have to be experienced to be believed!
I also get the chance to use my German, which I love and read, watch TV in German. From the professional point of view, I’m doing a fun course with some highly motivated young students (both German and Italian speaking). I’m also beginning to suspect that intensive work really does bring about change. They just seemed to have learned so much since that faraway first day of the course. It was only two weeks ago. It has a lot to do with concentrating on the one course and life not getting in the way as it does in the “once a week” type of course.
So I can’t really think what there is to wrinkle noses at. In fact I forgot to mention, I’ve also had quite a few visitors, which has given me the perfect excuse to go up and down cable cars and eat Strudel with lashings of cream (Another 50 lengths in the pool tomorrow, I think.) So, yes, I’m all in favour of summer courses.

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