About Sharon Hartle

Although I am originally from Yorkshire, UK, I have lived in Germany and Spain and I currently live in Verona in the north of Italy. I work mainly at the universities of Verona and Bolzano, where I teach general English and ESL, although I do freelance work as well. I am involved in training, mainly INSET and the Celta, testing for my own university and for CambridgeESOL. I am very interested in Corpus Linguistics and language as discourse and, of course, elearning which, I can safely say, has transformed the way I work over the past few years. Below are links to four videos I recently published on YouTube providing an overview of my elearning work in the past ten years:

Part One: an introduction and background to my work


Part Two: How are VLEs being used?


Part Three: Elearning at the moment in the University of Verona


Part Four: A more detailed look at some of the teaching we are doing


So enough about me, now a few words about English Learning in Our World

Welcome to this new PLN. PLN is a term I only came across myself quite recently and it means Personal Learning Network. It is, I think , a great idea as it refers to a whole network of people and sites across the Internet that can help us to keep intouch and develop.

This space is designed to:

1. Provide links and information for English Learners.

Firstly if you are a learner you can follow the link above and go to my distance learning site. This is often used as part of a blended learning programme but many of the activities can be used independently. You can navigate this site simply by choosing your level or interest on the page menu on the lefthand side.

2. You can also follow me and my students on our Facebook page and please join in the discussions.
Follow the link below:

1) https://www.facebook.com/EnglishlabDiscussions?ref=hl
2) Read my interview on Whohub

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