Halloween will soon be here

Meet the Pumpkins

The leaves turn and our thoughts go in the direction of Festivals

Autumn and Spring are the in between times and for some reason that really appeals to me. I like the crisp feeling in the air, in autumn, the fact that the sweaty August heat has finally gone and I can think and turn my thoughts in new directions, once more. As the leaves turn colour we begin to think about the darkness of the winter months, which we can eleven with the color of festivals like Bonfire Night, Halloween and Christmas. I noticed, in fact, that a lot of people seem to be reading my Halloween post from last year, so I decided tp update the wiki with new resources for this year. (Last year’s resources are still there, for those who like the idea of the Halloween Compound Noun Activities).

The picture at the top of this post is one I took recently in Yorkshire when I came across this delightful “Halloween Family”, who I named “The Pumpkins”. I decided to make a Halloween lesson around them to practice descriptive writing for my students at various levels. After all it is the task that stretches the learner, isn’t it.

I put this one and another on a Voicethread to give my learners the choice of either practising speaking or writing, and set it up for them on the wiki. I’d be very happy for other people to contribute too. The more the merrier. Just go to the fun and games page on the wiki and follow the instructions.

I also added a second activity for those who are motivated by songs, which is based on “Halloween” sung by “Aqua”, which I found on the resource Lyrics Trainer.  This is another fun resource, if you haven’t seen it before. It takes songs from YouTube and students can read the lyrics, listen to the dong and do a gap filler exercise as they go. You can choose the level you want as well. beginner, intermediate or advanced. This is both useful and fun, especially when combined with a few learning strategies to help learners along. For more on this go to the same link as before and I hope we’ll all get a lot of fun out of it.

Happy Halloween http://zaazu.com