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TESOL Rome 2014: a moment of sharing and meeting.

TESOL ITALY 39TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE The annual TESOL Italy Conference has been going on this weekend, in Rome against a backdrop of blue skies and political agitation in an Italy characterised as ever by contrasts. Even being able to attend … Continue reading

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My thoughts on Digital Literacy

I’ve recently been thinking quite a lot about digital literacy and not only because we are studying the concept at the moment on my MA course but what it means to my learners too. So I thought I’d share my … Continue reading

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Smilebox at Christmas 2012 and at lots of other times…

Smilebox makes storytelling easy and fun! If you saw my 2011 Happy Easter post, last year, you’ll already have an idea of the way this site works. I started using it a lot at Christmas 2011 and have used it … Continue reading

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“How to Pass Exams” a distance learning course on Udemy

I haven’t actually blogged for a while, unfortunately, which is largely because I’ve been busy developing a new distance learning course entitled “How to Pass Exams” on Udemy.com. The Reasons for this Course I decided to develop this course for … Continue reading

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Backache, large classes and HootCourse in the classroom

I was reading just this morning in Brabara Hoskins Sakamoto’s lovely Teaching Village blog about how tired we teachers are all feeling at the moment, and how important it is not to burn the candle at both ends but to … Continue reading

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Christmas is approaching

I love autumn. I love the rich reds, oranges and browns and the carpets of leaves that furnish the pavements and provide such an amazing contrast to the black tree skeletons and the skies. Most of all, however, I love … Continue reading

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The myth of the Digital Native

After Marc Prensky told us all so convincingly that there was this mythical beast called the digital native, I certainly went along with this idea for quite some time, thinking that my university students were not quite young enough to … Continue reading

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Halloween will soon be here

The leaves turn and our thoughts go in the direction of Festivals Autumn and Spring are the in between times and for some reason that really appeals to me. I like the crisp feeling in the air, in autumn, the … Continue reading

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WizIQ Distance Learning Summer Course: Chapter 2: things are looking up

You may remember what happened last week on my distance learning summer course, (read it here)I was keen to use a fantastic online tool ‘lights out’ and in true form, nobody could see anything! So, this week I decided to … Continue reading

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Back to Dogme: Stage Two…. dealing with emergent language and experimenting.

You never know what might pop out of the hat! Back to Dogme: Stage Two: dealing with emergent language and experimenting It’s amazing how time flies but at the same time stands still. It seems only minutes since I was … Continue reading

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