Twitter Basics for Students – Online College Courses

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Have you heard of Twitter? Do you like to tweet? Most likely you’ve utilized social networking websites such as Facebook. So why would you consider using Twitter?


2 thoughts on “Twitter Basics for Students – Online College Courses

  1. As a teacher, I highly recommend both Twitter and Facebook to all language learners. They’re one of the best, most accessible and most comprehensive storehouses of English as it is really used, by real people, on an everyday basis. If you’re not lucky enough to live or study in an English-speaking country, they’re just what you need. A decade ago, you wouldn’t have had such things available to you and you would have been at a great disadvantage.

    1. Thanks for your comment Monica, and I couldn’t agree more. I discovered though that my students in Italy use Facebook, but not really Twitter, and thry have only discovered Twitter because we’ve been using it in class to access our Hootcourse platform. So they are now actually being introduced to Twitter from the classroom.

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