Symbaloo your Digital Life

Am I just feeling stressed?

Hi Everyone!

Not long ago we were discussing organising our digital lives on #eltchat and there were lots of interesting ideas which you can read about as usual in the #eltchat summaries.

Later on I came across the most amazing site that I’d never seen before called Symbaloo. Now please bear with me, because I can almost hear the groans… “Not another new site!” “I can’t cope” But this is really something special, I promise, on a par with, which IMHO is one of the greatest inventions out. On Symbaloo you have a type of desktop that looks like a speed dial desk, and you can set it as your homepage. Then you can have all your favourite links as buttons that you speed dial. You can have one for different areas of your life, so I have made shopping, work, fun, reading etc. and then it is actually rather like bookmarking but much faster. Have a look at this:

My university page


What is even better is that you can share your page (each page is called a webmix) so that others can use the resources you have collected, so, for instance I made my university webmix public so that everyone can use the resources I use:
Top left hand: my blog, wiki, sites I use a lot like linoit, Prezi etc.

Top right hand: Reading and lesson material resources

Bottom left hand: Video and audio resources for students and good links

Bottom right hand: Good English learning sites

Then you can share these with others and you can search the site to find other webmixes that people have already made. I found a lovely one, for instance, called WritingPilot, with a whole range of videos etc. for academic writing skills, and I have already been using it and recommending it to my students. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and join in the fun 🙂


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