!! An inspiring new toy to play with for the summer.

Creativity comes in all shapes and forms

Recently various topics have been appearing in the blogosphere, amd being naturally magpie like, I was immediately attracted by the glitz. So here is my first topic: inspiration for tired teachers. I’m sure that at this time of year a lot of us are not quite as scintillating and enthusiastic as we were at the beginning of the school year. This is definitely true for me, especially after a week of marking 600 written exams :-(. So, in search of insight and creativity I turned to some of my favourite posts, videos, ideas, thoughts etc. This is what keeps me going. Hope it works for you too.

Here’s a little blog challenge (for the summer holidays):


one fun lesson activity;

one inspiring video;

one inspiring thought or insight

that keeps you going?

You could either publish them in your blog or write them in a comment and I’ll make a topic to keep us all going 🙂


2 thoughts on “!! An inspiring new toy to play with for the summer.

  1. Can’t wait to receive my invitation and try out It looks like a great way to visualize and gather additional materials to supplement one’s blog. To respond to your challenge:

    Fun classroom activity: I’m starting up with many new classes after the summer holidays (ESL), and I’m looking forward to getting to know the new students in creative and educational ways. We’ll do their first small paper as a 7-things-you-probably-don’t-(need to)-know-about-me where students have to tell me seven interesting facts about themselves and explain these. And we’ll do a ME-mercial where students have to make a small one-to-two-minute film about themselves. Letting students unfold their creativity is the best way of getting to know them, I find.

    An inspirational video: Well, I watched Simon Sinek’s TEDTalk on How Great Leaders Inspire, and felt it genuinely pinpointed a problem I’ve felt I’ve been dealing with for a very long time: Disinterest in my other subject (Danish Language and Literature (for Danish native speakers – high school students). I forget to explain to my student WHY learning the language and literature of one’s mother tongue is probably the most important subject they’ll ever study, and especially the boys react to my forgetfulness with total boredom and absentmindedness. With my new class, I’ll remember to explain WHY we read the literature we read, and WHY we work on the specific assignments, before explaining the how and what.

    And thanks for inspiring, Sharon 😉

    1. Yes, glad you like, Eva. I keep discovering new things you can do with it and it’s really easy to find interesting topics to “follow” that you can suggest links to as well. 🙂

      Thank you so much for ataking part in the challenge. When I have a few more I’ll put them all together so that we can start the new school year feeling inspired 🙂

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