Back to Class

Back to Class

Well, January and February were dominated by exams for us here at the university of Verona, so a huge sigh of relief was heaved by all when our spring term courses started up this Monday. I had been experimenting with Quandary, (
as you may remember at the beginning of the new year, and so now we began to use it in class to work on some language points by means of a maze.

In the past colleagues and I used to review language with a written maze. Students were given a maze of numbers to follow and the aim was to go through all the numbers before you came out of it. This may seem quite easy but for each number there was a sentence, connected to a languae point covered in class and you had to decide if the example was correct or not. If it was correct you went in one direction and if not in the other.

In these days of high tech learning we can create mazes with technology and post them on wikis, so what I had done was to take some representative language points from my learners written work, and to create a similar maze with Quandary. I then posted it on the relevant page of our language learning wiki and asked them to do it. ( You may remember this too because I very proudly wrote about it.) Follow this link to see it:

Pride comes before a fall, however, and a lot of people found it quite difficult. So, I’ve now posted the answers and notes to help everyone. they are on a Word doc. under the maze.

Anyway, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say. So, the next step will be to see if has helped people’s writing skills. In e meanime, however, we’ve all had fun with the maze, so if this inspires you, try it out!


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