Strange Windows: using Mind Mash and Wall wisher

With the advent of the ipod touch and now the ipad we are being bombarded by new apps, some of which are little short of magical when it cpmes to elearning. At times though it all seems a bit too much and you get a headache! (at least I do).

So, just to add to it all I decided to provide pne very practical idea for using Mind Mash (available at the ipod apps store and (Wallwisher to talk about buildings, towns etc.

1.First of all I uploaded a photo I had taken to Mind Mash (see below)and wrote a lesson idea:

This programme enables you to put in photos, add your ideas, drawings and generally mindmap however you want to.
2. I made a wall at Wallwisher where everyone can post their own pics with notes etc. and access everyone els’es too.
3. A follow up activity would be to look at a picture someone else has posted and ddexribe it or tell the class what strikes you about it.
4. I shared my mindmash on Facebook and Twitter.

What’s really nice about alll this, then, is that you can use the Internet to teach and to share your lessons and ideas within your own PLN.

Hope you like it


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