Bye Summer

studyingI haven’t written much recently because… well, it was the summer, which is generally a time for doing jobs, recovering from the academic year, travelling etc. etc. But I’m back now and beginning to psych myself up for a new year. So to start it off I made a Glog of my summer to use in class (Click on image to go to glog).

Here are a few ideas for using it:

1) Predict the story: Tell students you are going to tell them a story. They ask you yes/no questions to find out what it is about: (Then show students the title of the glog to see if they were right)

2) Have a quick discussion about the way we all tell each other stories every day in anecdotes etc. (Then ask students to read first box to see if they agree with you)

3) Scroll down and show students the circle of images and get them to tell the story of your summer in pairs. (This could also be done in a pyramid activity until you just have the one group story).

4) Ask them which one they want to know more about and show it to them. (There is media connected to one or two of the images, such as a Prezi attached to number 1. It may take some time to navigate and is really better done independently by the students so that they can focus on what they are interested in) If your students have access to computers in class this stage may be done autonomously, or they may do it for homework. (Allow time for them to comment on what they have seen.)

5) Ask students (in class or for homework) to make a quiz based on the glog: 8 questions to test the others or use in a team game next lesson.

6) They should also choose three expressions or interesting words or collocations that they want to remember.

7) In small groups share the results of activity 6  asking students to explain their choices  to each other. (This could be extended into a poll or mill drill activity where students find the most popular expression/collocation etc.)

8) This language can then be built into a vocabulary extension phase for the next lesson, and finally students may be encouraged to go home and make their own glogs about their summer.

Hope you like it, and… that you had a great summer 🙂

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