Using Prezis: part two

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Using Prezis for teaching

In my last post about Prezis I looked at the basics and if you’ve been inspired to go and try making your own, you’ll have seen that it really is incredibly simple to use but the results are, to say the least, spectacular.

There are, however, one or two pitfalls to avoid and I’d like to talk about those today as well as showing you a few more specific prezis I’ve been working on with learners.

1. Structure

Although the mindmap quality to prezis is great it does mean that if you’re not careful you can end up with what can best be described as unstructured chaos! This has definitely happened to me. To avoid this it’s really good to use with frames and layering and there is an excellent video on this subject here:

Since we can add all kinds of images to Prezi these can be used for the underlying structure or we can simply use frames and larger and smaller text types.

2. Space things out

This is really important too as the closer things are the more squashed up they look and this doesn’t make for easy viewing. The board that you work on is actually enormous so you can afford to spread things out which is kinder on the eye.

Different Uses for language teaching

As you can see I’m hooked and I made three new ones this week. One was the storytelling prezi I showed you in the last post, but then I went on to do a travel journal since it is summer, and a lot of people are travelling. I showed this in class and then gave a brief introduction on using Prezi before sending my learners off to make their own travel journals. Watch this space for the results.

Of course, we can use them for lots of other things, although I do think this medium lends itself particularly well to discussions and storytelling. My latest experiment was to use Prezi to make a Needs Analysis which I have now incorporated into my distance learning wiki.

So, I wish everyone “Happy Prezying!” and I’d be really interested to hear how other people are using them too, so do let me know.


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