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“How to Pass Exams” a distance learning course on Udemy

I haven’t actually blogged for a while, unfortunately, which is largely because I’ve been busy developing a new distance learning course entitled “How to Pass Exams” on The Reasons for this Course I decided to develop this course for … Continue reading

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Keeping an eye on the Big Picture but don’t let it terrify you!

Keeping an eye on the Big Picture but don’t let it terrify you! I’ve noticed recently how a lot of us want to learn everything straight away, and my students, despite the fact they are all intelligent young people become … Continue reading

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Backache, large classes and HootCourse in the classroom

I was reading just this morning in Brabara Hoskins Sakamoto’s lovely Teaching Village blog about how tired we teachers are all feeling at the moment, and how important it is not to burn the candle at both ends but to … Continue reading

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Grammar? Who needs it?

Not many peole in my classes really like grammar. They may think they need it, and they get a lot of satisfaction in ploughing through exercises, because we all know that when you get the answers right you feel good, … Continue reading

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Happy Easter to everyone

This digital greeting card created with Smilebox

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The Silence of the Audience

This is an image from the recent Iatefl Conference in Glasgow and it encapsulates one idea which we associate with conferences: the idea of the “speaker” empowered, up on his or her pedestal, dispensing wisdom to the hushed audience, in … Continue reading

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Fast Forward from Iatefl Glasgow 2012

Fast Forward…From Glasgow back to everyday life I’ve actually been back from Glasgow for almost a week now and as time passes your brain begins to put things into order, classifying the kaleidoscope of talks, ideas, peoples, impressions that whirled … Continue reading

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Thoughts from Glasgow Iatefl Day One

It’s been an energizing here in Glasgow today, and I finally got to meet a few of my Twitter friends. (hope I’ll be meeting more tonight at the ELTCHAT party :-) as well. So, I thought I’d share a few … Continue reading

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The Essence of the Lesson

Lighting the spark….I was talking with two of my colleagues this morning about our lessons, and you might think we’d be discussing the focus we’d planned, or the materials etc. But, in fact, you’d be wrong. What we talked about … Continue reading

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A Voice from the Desert

A Voice in the Desert It isn’t very popular these days to like coursebooks, and I like many of my colleagues, feel that following a course book can, at times, be extremely limiting. Often we tend to equate using the … Continue reading

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